Product Advantage
Product Advantage


     After years of improvement and modifications, we broke through a number of technical barriers in the course of designing and manufacturing servo  drive, submersible motor and shaft couple and succeeded in developing this submersible screw pump intelligent oil production system which has the      following unique advantages:

    1. Having no bulk of pumping unit and the sucker rod, it takes a much smaller space, is free of noise and leakage at wellhead, and ensures better         safety.

Get rid of the portion of pumping unit on the groud and the sucker rod and avoid the use of a great deal of steel

Free it from the possibility of rod braking off, rod tube wear and tear, and power loss

Save the vost on foundation construction

Highly reliable and more cost-efficient in maintenance

Type Gross WeightSucker RodMotor Power
Conventional(Pumping Unit)20T3.3T/KM37KW
ESPCP System<1TNo7.5KW


                        Conventional                                   Oil submersible screw pump intelligent

                       (Pumping Unit)                                            oil production system

    TypeSucker RodRequired Space m3Wellhead leakageWellhead NoiseRotating Members
    (Pumping Unit)
    Groud PCPYes5m3YesYesYes
    ESPCP SystemNo5m3NoNoNo

  1. 2.

  2. Overall efficiency elevation, outstanding power-saving benefit, and less power consumption compared to like products.

    A. Long system life and complete with all kinds of protection means
        Require no reducer and have longer life
        Designed with overload, overvoltage, under-voltage, and short circuit protection
        The permanet magnertic synchronous motor operates against degaussing
        An addition of PCP reversal ratation laocking is provided

    B. Oil extraction under intelligent constant dynamic liquid level helps to avoid pump “dry abrasion”
        The combination of the ground submersible servo controller and the well liquid depth gauge helps to achieve control of fluid level in a closed loop, preventing the occurrrence of PCP dry abrasion due to insufficient liqyid supply.

    C. Digital remote intelligent control can be realized

        Well data real-time collection 
        Well remote ON/OFF control
        Well fluid yield regulation
        Well operation condition diagnosis
        Well alarm monitor
        Free of field manual maintenance

    3. Suitable for oil extraction in heavy oil wells and oil wells carrying sand or gas, and less prone to airlock

    Conventional (Pumping Unit)Not suitable for stripper wells and heavy oil wells
    Ground PCPNot suitable for directional wells
    Electric Submersible Centrifugal PumpSensitive to sand/gas where blades are susceptible to dameage, and not suitable for stripper wells and heavy oil wells
    Electric Submersible Progressing Cavity PumpSuitable for stripper wells and heavy oil wells but is restricted by the technical problem with reducer
    ESPCP SystemSuitable for exploitation in heavy oil wells and sand/gas wells and Directional/Horizontal wells