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  • 2016
    December in 2016, after 500-day continuous and stable operations of the product…
  • 2014-2015
    Started batch manufacturing continued the down-hole field testing, and meanwhil…
  • 2013
    Carried out an experimental well test of the 4th generation prototype and compl…
  • 2012
    Carried out a test of the 3th generation prototype in a HT HP homeostasis e…
  • 2011
    Carried out an experimental well test of the 2th generation prototype to verify…
  • 2009-2010
    Developed and improved the software platform and carried out a down-hole test o…
  • 2007-2008
    Succeeded in laboratory verification of the working principle and a prototype r…
  • Oil submersible screw
    pump intelligent oil production system

    For the first time in china, we proposed the intelligent oil extraction system with the technology of the sensorless vector control and direct drive device without reducer. After ten years of experiment and verification, the product has been finalized and can realize mass production integration. The ESPCP system developed and integrated by us has become a revolutionary product to replace the traditional manual lifting products.

  • Working principle

    After the pump unit of the ESPCP system is lowered down into the well, the power is transmitted through the power cable to the submersible motor under the well to drive the progressive cavity pump(PCP) and the fluid in the well is then raised up onto the ground with the pressure boost of PCP.

  • Operation mode

    During operation, the electricity is transmitted via the submersible cable from the servo control system on the ground to the purpose-designed permanet magnetic synchronous motor in the down-hole for stepless speed regulation so that the motor can run at a low speed but a high torque output, driving PCP to extract oil through the protector and the shaft coupler.

  • Product advantage

    No need for pumping unit body and sucker rod, small footprint, no leakage at the wellhead, no noise, high safety factor

    No need for pumping unit ground equipment and sucker rods, saving a lot of steel

    Avoiding the breakage of the column, the wear of the tube and the loss of power, eliminating the cost of civil works

    High reliability and low maintenance costs

  • Actual usage of products

    The product has been pumped down in Daqing Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield, and has been running stably for more than 300 days.

Petroleum exploitation

The first step in oil exploration is petroleum seismic exploration. The purpose is to find out the underground geological structure and lithology evolution process, find oil and gas enrichment zones, provide oil and gas reserves, structural traps, drilling well locations, and cooperate with oilfield development and production. Task. At present, petroleum exploration methods mainly include geological methods, drilling methods, chemical exploration methods, and physical exploration.

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